Web Sites & Software

Computers and Writing

Since 2011, I have been developing Web platforms for the National Computers and Writing Conference. The sites feature crowdsourcing strategies applied toward transforming the activities around scholarly conferences. The 2013 conference site gives some sense of the collaborative ethos and possibilities for peer transformations through this Web development.

Computers and Writing

The People, Ideas, and Things Journal

This online journal provides undergraduates with authentic opportunities to publish. The journal also experiments with social networking and crowdsourcing approaches, asking participants to share in the reading and editing activities of the publication process (http://pitjournal.unc.edu).


The Department of English and Comparative Literature

I have been the chief architect and overseer of the Web site for over a decade. The current iteration of the site uses the drupal content management system and features a number of social networking and outreach tools (http://englishcomplit.unc.edu).

English and Complit

Screen Rhetoric and the Material World

Although cast primarily as an e-book project, this site features many Web technologies geared toward transforming the nature of scholarship. The techno-rhetorical concept of layers that informs the scholarship is enacted through the published media.

Screen Rhetoric and the Material World

FACET (File and Commentary Exchange Tool)

Created in collaboration with Dave Moffat and Todd Taylor, this software facilitated document reviewing and draft workshopping of papers in the Writing Program at UNC, Chapel Hill. The application is no longer available but screen shots demonstrate the scope and functionality of the program.



First published in 1997 then re-issued in 2000, this Web site provided writing instruction, tutorials, and resources for instructors and students using Allyn & Bacon teaching materials. The project represents a precursor to current publisher-sponsored online writing supplements. The site is no longer available but screen shots demonstrate the scope of the project.


The Courseware and Instructional Tool Exchange

I authored this award winning Web-based software suite to enable instructors at UNC, Chapel Hill and elsewhere to use online learning tools designed specifically for writers. The software included the Peer Review Platform, an online environment for sharing and responding to student papers. The site is no longer functioning, but you can look over the Web pages. You can see an example of the interactions supported by some of the tools.


Media Note

I composed this hypercard application to facilitate new media composing in first year writing classes. The initial iteration made it easy for students to include images, audio, and video in their compositions. Later iterations facilitated linking between nodes and peer commenting, relying on servers to create local hypertext webs.


Written Argumentation

A stand-alone application created in HyperCard and designed to interactively teach students argumentation strategies that promote writing skills. The software was published by Intellimation. The application is no longer available but the functionality can be seen in several screen shots.


Written Argumentation