Casting Learning

Casting Learning into Flowing StreamsHere are some thoughts on a piece of digital scholarship, "Casting Learning into Flowing Streams." The project pushes a lot of boundaries for publishing research. The project is all videos, all screencasts, really. And much of it is student-authored. There is no written text, only images of written text. And it's full of digital projects from the literature classroom. The piece appears in the journal CCCOnline, edited by Bump Halbritter and (performance issue editor Jenn Fishman). I think it's anything but typical scholarship and I'm grateful that they took the risk and published our work.

The project began typically with a CFP. Over the last few years, most of my presentations have been delivered performances accompanied by screencasts. I've discovered some amazing currents mixing between performance and screencasting. I also wanted to experiment with extending portfolio assessment through screencasts. I spelled out these thoughts and intentions in the proposal