Workshops & Presentations

Recent topics about which I have presented range from new media composing practices to teacher training to creativity in education. I also frequently offer workshops featuring both conceptual and hands-on activities. Feel free to get in touch to learn more. Find below some selections.


Enacting Theories of New Media Composing: Screen Poetry as Performance Scholarship.” E-Poetry Conference. London. June 2013.

This performance included recorded and live versions of videos like Truing and Slow Combers.

Working in the Bubble Factory: Prosumer Humanists and Scholarshift.” Computers and Writing Conference. Raleigh, NC. May 2012.

The premiere of the live perfomance of the video Sediment was recorded as part of the presentation.

Screencasting as Art and Scholarship: Performing and Composing in Computer Space.” CHAT Festival. Duke University, February 2012.

&ldquoThe premiere of the video, Screenshots was captured through a live performance at this festival.
Document "Bubble Truth: The Poetry of Digital Composing." One Makes Many Conference, Duke University. Durham, NC. November 2011. This presentation blends live screencasting of "Truing" with a performance of the piece, "Watch the Bubble."
Document "Bubble Factories: Digital Composing, Teaching, and Creativity." University of Kentucky. Lexington, KY. October 2011. This presentation explores the creative energies available through (live) digital composing of screencasts.
Document "Light Lifting." Lynchburg Collge. Lynchburg, VA. October 2011. Digital media can make teaching easier through increased motivation among students.
Document "Sound Teaching: Bringing Music and Audio into the Composition Classroom." Conference on College Composition and Communication. Atlanta, GA. March 2011. This workshop/presentation leads participants through activities geared toward integrating music and audio into the composition and literature classroom.
Document "Watch the Bubble." Computers and Writing Conference. West Lafayette, IN. May 2010. A performance screencast, this memoir recounts my history in the field of computers and writing.
Document "I'm a Map; I'm a Green Tree." Conference on College Composition and Communication. Louisville, KY. March 2010. A performance screencast, this piece looks at actor-network and post-humanist theories through the lens of the get a mac ad campaign.
Document "Mix and Mash Literacy: A Primer for Transforming Composition." Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA. March 2009. A video with screencasts, this presentation reports on video mashup projects and teaching in terms of the social dimensions of writing.
Document Still Waiting: Will the Web Finally Transform the Teaching of Literature?” Computers and Writing Conference. Athens, GA. May 2008. This is a screencast of a multimedia presentation delivered in the Sophie authoring system. It looks at prosumer approaches to new media composition in terms of actor-networks.
Document "Soundscape Pedagogy: Auditory Ecologies and Archaeologies in the Composition Classroom.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. New Orleans, LA. March 2008. This video reports on audio essays written by first year college students, considering readymade approaches to composing and audio literacies.
Document The Low Road to New Media Composition: Entry-Level Projects with High Literacy Payoffs.” Convention of the National Council for Teachers of English. New York, NY. November 2007. A screencast reporting on the use of playlists and collages in college writing and literature courses, this piece uses a bridging metaphor to consider multimedia literacies.
Document New Media 101: Simple Assignments for Composing with Music and Images.” Computers and Writing Conference. Detroit, MI. May 2007. This audio essay is a transcription of the paper I read at the conference. The essay considers the role of the personal in writing to reflect on new media composing.
Document Low Bridge Ahead: Connecting Writing with Literature Through Entry-Level Media Projects.” Keynote, Multimedia and Education Conference, Eastern Michigan University, March 2007. This series of Web slides evokes a presentation exploring prosumer composing projects from a set of writing and literature classes.
Document A Survey of Multimodal Composition Practices: Report on a CCCC Research Initiative Grant.” Computers and Writing Conference. Lubbock, TX. May 2006. The misdirection is only slight between the title and the subject of this video. The piece looks at survey results in terms of resources for and practices of teaching new media composing (for John Slatin).
Document Who’s Got Your Back?: Teaming up to Take on New Media.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. San Francisco, CA. March 2005. This series of Web slides guided a presentation that looked at ways new media projects can promote invention, engagement, and the transfer of literacies.
Document “New Media for Writing and Literature: Leveraging Multiliteracies to Promote Learning.” Texas Community College Teacher’s Association Conference, Austin, TX. Feb 2005. This series of Web slides provided evidence for a demonstration that new media teaching could be easily accomplished with a low-bridge approach.
Document Hybrid Texts for Writing About Literature: Bridging Disciplines Through New Media.” Computers and Writing Conference. West Lafayette, IN. May 2003. This video reports on teaching and on electronic resources for literature courses. It includes screencasts demonstrating a range of approaches to engaging literature through new media.
Document Teaching Teachers Through Technical Training: Intersecting Literacies and Methodologies.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. New York, NY. March 2003. This video looks at issues in K-12 teaching. It traces opportunities for teaching both students and educators through new media.
Document Consider Your Source: Agency, Resources and Online Learning.” Computers and Writing Conference. Muncie, IN. May 2001. This series of Web slides served as an opening statement for my participation in a Computers and Writing town hall.
Document Laptop and Wireless Initiatives in Institutional Contexts.” Computers and Writing Conference. Muncie, IN. May 2001. These Web slides consider the laptop requirement at UNC, Chapel Hill in terms of economics, decision-making, and teaching.
Document Just Click OK: Technology, Autonomy, and Educational Decision Making.” Keynote, Faculty Ownership and Technological Change in the English Department Workshop and Conference. Coon Rapids, MN. February 2001. This set of Web slides provided the outline for a presentation encouraging educators to innovate with new media teaching.

Toward a Web Poetics.” Computers and Writing Conference. Fort Worth, TX. May 2000.

Delivered with Erin Smith, this presentation sketched ideas for a technopoetics that would recognize creativity associated with new media composing and teaching.

Evaluating Distance Education.” Computers and Writing Conference. Rapid City, SD. May 1999.

This presentation surveyed developments in Web-based writing tools, looking in detail at resources for conducting peer reviews.

One Valley Two Mountains: Visual Metaphors, Rhetoric and Authority.”  Conference on College Composition and Communication. Chicago, IL. April 1998.

A set of Web slides crafted to suggest that visual rhetoric be integrated into writing studies.

Distant Spaces and Education.” Computers and Writing Conference. Logan, UT. May 1996.

Delivered with Joi Chevalier, this presentation looked at opportunites for integrating Web composing and Multiple User Domain activities into teaching.

Conversants and Combatants: Newsgroup Discussions and Other Computer-Mediated Communication in Literature-Survey Courses.” Midwest Modern Language Association. St. Louis, MO. November 1995.

This Web piece supported a presentation discussing internet exchanges conducted among literature classes.

From Browsers to Builders: Student Compositions on the World Wide Web.” Computers and Writing Conference. El Paso, TX. May 1995.

This Web piece was used to deliver a presentation looking at emerging modes of composing on the Web.

The Bus Stops Beyond Language: MUDs and Social Constructionism.” Computers and Writing Conference. Columbia, MO. May 1994.

This paper looked at the uses of language in multiple user Internet spaces. It was later incorporated and is presented here with the essay "Not Maimed but Malted."